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Article 1. Definitions

Penophile:Penophile B.V., which is located at 30 N Gould St Ste R Sheridan, WY 82801 and is registered under the name of All Solutions LLC.

Customer: A person or entity who has contracted Penophile to provide services.

Service(s): All services carried out by Penophile for the customer.

Document(s): All documents provided to Penophile by the customer, including, but not limited to,  as theses, papers, essays, documents, or reference lists.

Order: An agreement by which Penophile undertakes the provision of certain services to the customer.

Plagiarism check: A service provided by Penophile in partnership with Turnitin that utilizes the  Turnitin database to check a document for plagiarism.

Proofreading & editing service: A service provided by Penophile whereby an Expert checks an uploaded document.

Citation Checker: A service provided by Penophile that entails a document being checked for accurate citations.

Self-Plagiarism Checker: A signature service provided by Penophile that compares Document(s) with unpublished and private documents, checking for similarities.

Self-Plagiarism Checker:A signature service provided by Penophile that compares Document(s) with unpublished and private documents, checking for similarities.

Proofreading & editing period: The period that ends with the final time and date by which a document should be checked.

Expert:: A natural or legal person who is engaged by Penophile to execute an order received from a customer.

Turnitin database: A database that is used to scan documents for plagiarism.

Article 2. Identity of the entrepreneur

Welcome to All Solutions (“Company”, “we”, “our”, “us”)! These Terms of Service (“Terms”, “Terms of Service”) govern your use of our website located at (together or individually “Service”) operated by All Solutions. Your agreement with us includes these Terms and our Privacy Policy (“Agreements”). You acknowledge that you have read and understood Agreements, and agree to be bound by them. Business and visiting address: 30 N Gould St Ste R Sheridan, WY 82801

Business and visiting address: 542 Singel, 1017AZ, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Commercial registration number:

Telephone number:

VAT number:

Article 3. Applicability

These terms and conditions apply to any tender, offer, or agreement between Penophile and the customer.

When it appears that one or more of the provisions of these terms and conditions is at any time wholly or partially invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain fully applicable.

When the interpretation of one or more provisions of these terms and conditions is unclear, an explanation that is “in the spirit” of these provisions shall be applicable. This is also the case when a situation that is not detailed in these terms and conditions arises.

If Penophile is not in strict compliance with these terms and conditions, it does not mean that the provisions are invalid or that Penophile loses its right to otherwise demand strict adherence to them.

Article 4. Offer

An offer contains a complete and accurate description of the services being offered by Penophile. The description will be detailed enough that the customer can properly assess it. Mistakes or obvious errors within the offer are not binding for Penophile.

Article 5. Agreement

The contract is concluded when the customer accepts Penophile’s offer.

Penophile will confirm receipt of the customer’s acceptance of the offer by electronic means.

Article 6. Modification of the agreement

If during the execution of the agreement it is revealed that it is necessary to alter or supplement the agreement in order to implement it properly, Penophile and the customer will consult and agree to any modifications to the agreement.

Penophile can refuse a request to modify an agreement without being in default of the agreement or omitting anything therefrom.

Article 7. Cancellation of a contract by Penophile

Penophile has the right to cancel a contract after it has been concluded.

Penophile has the right to cancel a contract if Penophile considers that the document uploaded by the customer does not meet minimum requirements.

The minimum requirements for a document are as follows:

The document must be education related.

For the proofreading & editing service, the quality of the document must be such that an expert can check the document in a standard manner. This assessment of quality is undertaken by Penophile. When the basic quality of the document is deemed to be too low, an expert cannot edit the document following the normal procedure.

The customer must not appear to be committing fraud.

When Penophile cancels a contract, it will contact the customer as soon as possible.

Article 8. Retention of documents

If the customer purchases a Proofreading & Editing service, Penophile will store the document(s) on its server for up to one year.

If the customer purchases a Plagiarism Check, the customer gives Penophile permission to save the document in a protected and private Turnitin database. This database is only accessible by Penophile, and the documents it contains cannot be viewed by educational institutions. Documents in the protected database within Turnitin are automatically deleted after one month.

If the customer purchases a Citation Checker or Self-Plagiarism Checker, Penophile will store the document on its server for up to 90 days.

The nature of the Proofreading & Editing service necessitates  that the Penophile expert receive the document being checked. Once the expert has finished checking the document, they are contractually obligated to delete it.

Article 9. Review period for Proofreading & Editing service

The proofreading & editing period will be determined when the proofreading & editing service is purchased.

The assigned expert may decide when the document is checked, so long as they deliver the checked document before the deadline.

Penophile will communicate the proofreading & editing period to the customer in advance via email. The proofreading & editing period can also be viewed in the customer area on the website.

The proofreading & editing period shall begin at the time of payment and end when Penophile returns the checked document to the customer.

If the expert anticipates that they will not meet the deadline, Penophile will inform the customer in a timely manner.

Penophile is not responsible for unforeseen technical problems that lead to the customer receiving the checked document late.

Article 10. Deadlines for Plagiarism checks

The time required to execute a Plagiarism Check depends on the level of activity at Turnitin, which Penophile is unable to influence.

The customer may only request a refund of the invoice amount for a Plagiarism Check if  24 hours have elapsed since the time of payment and the check has not been completed. The customer must request this refund before the results of the Plagiarism Check are communicated. The customer will then be notified by email when the results of the Plagiarism Check are received.

Paragraph 2 of this Article is not applicable if Penophile states on its website that Plagiarism Check services are currently taking more than 24 hours.

Article 11. Cancellation instructions

The customer cannot cancel a Plagiarism Check.

The customer cannot cancel a Citation Check.

The customer cannot cancel a Self-Plagiarism Check.

If the customer cancels an order for a Proofreading & Editing service, they are obligated to pay for any costs that Penophile has reasonably incurred in connection with undertaking the contract.

Article 12. Improvement of Services

Penophile is permitted to use proprietary automation that may apply machine learning techniques and AI techniques to documents for the future improvement of the services.

Article 13. Liability

If Penophile is liable, this liability is limited to what is stated in these provisions.

Penophile is not liable for damages of any kind  that occur as a result of Penophile being provided incorrect and/or incomplete information by or on behalf of the customer.

If Penophile is liable for any loss, liability is limited to the invoice value of the contract for the portion of the order to which the liability relates.

Penophile is not liable for any damage suffered by the customer in the event that Penophile rejects an order.

Penophile cannot be held liable for damage to and/or loss of documents that are stored by Penophile or third parties.

Penophile cannot be held liable for consequences and/or potential damage to the customer in the event that it does not meet a proofreading & editing period deadline.

Penophile cannot be held liable for failing to discover plagiarism when undertaking a Plagiarism Check.

Penophile cannot be held liable for consequential damages. These include, but are not limited to, damages  caused by the customer receiving a poor grade, failing a course or academic program, or other adverse consequences.

Penophile has and reserves the right to manage the restitution of damages to the customer, if possible and to the extent possible.

Article 14. Changes to the terms and conditions

Penophile reserves the right to amend or supplement these terms and conditions.

Article 15. Applicable laws and dispute settlement

All disputes will be settled by the competent court in the district where Penophile is located.

We issue refunds for Contracts within 14 days of the original purchase of the Contract.

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Prohibited Uses
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